PW Team and Blog Contributors

Joel Salvador
Role: Brand Manager

JP Pelayo (Vannon)
Role: Community Manager

Junnie Amoguis (Qaddisin)
Role: Game Manager
Background: Game Moderator for Khan Online then Case Processing Team Manager under Customer Support; after 2 years I decided to move back to Game Operations, and became the Game Manager for Khan and ROSE online.

Ascending Heaven
Role: Game Moderator
Background: Ascending Heaven is an avid role-player, writer, and musician, and is involved in moderating the game, creating and setting up events, and forum moderation.

Jade Night
Role: Game Moderator
Background: I started working with LU as part of our customer support team:

  • pRO field GM from nov 2004 till middle of 2005 (customer support team)
  • pROSE field GM Team 2005 – 2006 (customer support team)
  • Freestyle-pangya game moderator team (game operations/game support), oct 2006-jan 2007
  • Rose-Khan game moderator team (game operations/game support), jan 2007 – april 2007
  • Rose-Freestyle game moderator team (game operations/game support), april 2007-may 2007
  • Perfect World GM Team (game operations/game support), may 2007 – present
  • Present forum moderator for Freestyle, Pangya, Khan,and pROSE.

Role: Board Moderator
Background: Horonaim was, at various points in time, a GM Monitor (Ragnarok), a Forum Sentinel (RF Online), and a Senior Enforcer Vanguard (RF Online) before being recruited into the Perfect World team. Horonaim is also a veteran tabletop/pen & paper GM, MMOG player, writer, and the moderator of several other mailing lists and message boards.

Zhen Ouyan
Role: Board Moderator

Role: Background Game Support
Background: After acting as game support (new patch testing, feature documentation and bug replication and reporting) for all games under Level Up!’s portfolio, the Cat GM is now doing the same work on the Perfect World.  Masamuneko is one of the 10 people cleaning up the scripts for PW, which will be implemented in the Open Beta client.


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