Attention Closed Beta Testers

18 05 2007

The client is now ready for download. You can get the Perfect World installer by clicking on the following links:

Set 1/4 =

Set 2/4 =

Set 3/4 =

Set 4/4 =

Do note that the client is only for those with Closed Beta Accounts.

Furthermore, this will not be the same client for Open Beta.


Dial up connection and Perfect World

16 04 2007

Over the weekend I tried accessing Perfect World over a dial up connection and test how it performs with limited throughput. It was difficult at first because my client wasn’t connecting to the game. Turns out outside IP was blocked, so I had to have it opened with our IT for this test.

I used a blast internet dial up card for this test and measured throughput using the speak easy bandwidth meter (

Perfect World Bandwidth status

It normally takes two to three seconds after logging-in to connect to the game but with a dial up it would take around 9-12 seconds.

Once inside the game, everything was the same. I didn’t have any lag problems especially with all the monsters around. Tried jump, swim and areas where there are a lot of monsters to stress my connection. The impact of a dial up connection wasn’t felt.

As a caveat though, I am playing a client with no other players in the area. I’m sure there will be lag especially if you are spawning to and from a town which is usually loaded with a lot of characters.

What this test illustrates is that loading time for the game is faster than a battle net, that maybe dial up would still be doable if you are outside town or areas where there are less character congestion.

I’ll be doing another round of tests using dial up once there are more players in the area.

Secure Log In

15 04 2007

Logging into games in a public area – be it a net café you don’t normally play in or if you’re using a shared computer – normally requires a fair amount of caution. Players would have to veer away from prowling eyes and malicious key loggers or the more discreet eye loggers. Perfect World took this into consideration by incorporating an on-screen keyboard (OSK) as added option when logging into the game.

OSK Login

This OSK provides additional security when you login since keystrokes are not logged by key loggers and any malicious neighbor would have to look really close to see what you clicked.

The OSK window becomes available once your mouse pointer moves to the password box. The OSK appears at the bottom of the screen and looks just like a standard keyboard. It is smaller than the standard OSK available in Windows (Run –> osk)

Windows On Screen Keyboard

windows on screen keyboard 

This OSK feature, in addition to the usual manner you secure your account, makes stealing accounts from Perfect World just a level more difficult.

Graphic Detail Levels

14 04 2007

Perfect World has five basic levels of graphic detail; each having a preset level that can be adjusted to further customize the graphic rendering. The detail goes from 1 (low wood detail, ground refinement etc. ) to 5 (high atmosphere details)

I switched from one graphic setting to another to illustrate how Perfect World will look like under these presets. The following are actual screen shots of the different levels. Pay special attention to the water and waterfalls.

Level 1

Level 1 Graphic Setting

Level 2

2nd Level Graphic Preset

Level 3

3rd level graphic preset

Level 4

4th graphics level

Level 5

HI Level Graphic Preset

See the difference?

Note that this is Perfect World running on a 64MB Video Card, which means that you can get more detail with a higher setup than mine.

Perfect World English login screens

13 04 2007

Here’s an initial look at the Perfect World screens. This is literally the first few steps you would take before going into the game.


This is the First English loading screen. The white box is for news and updates.

From this screen I clicked on display

Perfect World Settings Screen

Notice how the top area of the box shows the current settings for your machine.

Perfect World Setting adjustment screen

Clicking on the recommended button shall give an assessment on what tweaks would be appropriate for your machine to run the game.

I was running YM, iTunes, Outlook, Opera, Mozilla, Photoshop while switching between the game and my applications. No problem encountered in terms of loading and speed.

Will give more screen shots and practical test results later

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Featured Perfect World Illustrator: Pixelcharlie

12 04 2007

Featured Perfect World Illustrator: Pixelcharlie

We’ll have an online comic series in our site. That’s one of the main execution plans for Perfect World to convey the story arc for Perfect World. While waiting for the actual story to evolve (yup, it’s on its way) I’ve been talking to a series of illustrators to do the comics.

One of the more promising illustrators in our pool right now is pixelcharlie. Here are a couple of samples from his portfolio.


Lara Croftxmen4.jpgsoundtrip.jpgxmen5.jpg


View his portfolio by clicking on this link

Think you can do better? Send us your illustrations at



PW and Linux

12 04 2007


We’ve featured several compelling features of Perfect World as compared to other games focusing on game play and game interface published in several mediums like the boards, sites, articles and podcasts. Another featured difference, that is not as evident at first glance, is how PW is structured in the back end.

Perfect World is built to run server side processes using Linux. Having Fedora as its base Flavor, the Perfect World team customized majority of the modules to be specific for gaming. It’s as close to saying that they created their own OS to run the game that they also developed.

This does not mean that the game will only run in Linux. In fact we haven’t tested the client in Linux or any Wine Emulator. What it means is that processing of requests from Window OS PC or Internet Shop will be faster since the data packets are smaller, faster and communications are streamlined.

With this much graphics in the game and a lot of processes being handled by the server, this could be a big tell on the advantage Perfect World will have over the other games.