Buying Gold via Auction House

26 05 2007

by Horonaim

Step 0 : Go to any Auction House NPC in Archosaur City and choose the second option Ingot Trading.

Step 1 : Click the Account Money Deposit button. A pop-up window will appear named Account Deposit and Withdraw. Input the amount you want to deposit in the Deposit Money area and click OK.

NOTE : 1 Gold = 15,300 Yuan (15,000 for the gold + 300 tax)

Step 2 : Enter 15,000 in the Unit Price area and the quantity of Gold you want to buy in the Gold Ingots area. Your amount due will be shown in the Consume Money and Cost area. Click Begin to Entrust to begin the transaction.

Step 3 : Wait for a few seconds then hit the Refresh button. Your remaining money and your current gold amount should now be reflected. Click the Money Withdraw button to start withdrawing your gold and money.

The Gold is good while supplies last, but the GMs will be replenishing the stock every so often.


Know Your Enemies: A Monster Guide to PW

11 05 2007

by: Qaddisin

There are more than 1200 monsters in Perfect World, this includes where you can boost up your levels, and more than 1000 unique quests. There are interesting features in monsters too. Wandering around cities is not that frightening, for you can easily recognize the level difference in monsters by the colors in their names. There are 8 monster level color identification. These are:

  • Orange colored names signifies that they are Eight (8) levels above yours

  • Yellow 5-8 levels above yours

  • Beige: 2-5 levels above yours

  • White: 1-2 levels above or below yours

  • Aqua: 3-5 levels below yours

  • Pea Green: 5-8 levels below yours

  • Green: 8-11 levels below yours

  • Dark green: Over 11 levels below yours

Monsters in this world are not just melee fighters. Each has unique skills that they will really cause you grief. With the
Yao jing pets, they can use their skills for their master. But don’t be put off by their abilities for you can easily take a look at their weaknesses and make hunting easy. Their elemental attributes are naturally weak against an opposing element.

The following are the elemental chart:

  • Fire – Fire Resistant, Water Weakness

  • Metal – Metal Resistant, Fire Weakness

  • Wood – Wood Resistant, Earth Weakness

  • Earth – Earth Resistant, Wood Weakness

  • Water – Water Resistant, Metal Weakness

Monster's vulnerabilities

There are easy kill monsters. Some monsters have the attribute “none”, this means that this type of monsters are neutral. No strength and weaknesses (these are fairly straightforward to attack, but are not necessarily weak.) In order to do battle effectively, you should be aware of your state and as well as the monsters properties. Each monster has its own vulnerabilities but mind you, they are way too strong against their own elements. In addition, mob’s characteristics varies upon on their spawn, (these characteristics can also be seen on the monster’s information) The following are main attributes:

  • Magic defense

  • Magic Enhancement (ATK up)

  • Attack Enhancement

  • Defense

  • Weak (less HP)

  • Life Enhancement (More HP)

  • Attack Speed Up

Now nothing can keep you from exploring Perfect World. Knowledge really is power… No kidding! ^_~ Have fun!


Graphic Detail Levels

14 04 2007

Perfect World has five basic levels of graphic detail; each having a preset level that can be adjusted to further customize the graphic rendering. The detail goes from 1 (low wood detail, ground refinement etc. ) to 5 (high atmosphere details)

I switched from one graphic setting to another to illustrate how Perfect World will look like under these presets. The following are actual screen shots of the different levels. Pay special attention to the water and waterfalls.

Level 1

Level 1 Graphic Setting

Level 2

2nd Level Graphic Preset

Level 3

3rd level graphic preset

Level 4

4th graphics level

Level 5

HI Level Graphic Preset

See the difference?

Note that this is Perfect World running on a 64MB Video Card, which means that you can get more detail with a higher setup than mine.

Perfect World English login screens

13 04 2007

Here’s an initial look at the Perfect World screens. This is literally the first few steps you would take before going into the game.


This is the First English loading screen. The white box is for news and updates.

From this screen I clicked on display

Perfect World Settings Screen

Notice how the top area of the box shows the current settings for your machine.

Perfect World Setting adjustment screen

Clicking on the recommended button shall give an assessment on what tweaks would be appropriate for your machine to run the game.

I was running YM, iTunes, Outlook, Opera, Mozilla, Photoshop while switching between the game and my applications. No problem encountered in terms of loading and speed.

Will give more screen shots and practical test results later

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Client is in

11 04 2007

We now have the first English client for Perfect World Online. Internal thorough testing will now commence. I’ll give you updates daily on our progress and problems encountered.

I installed it last night and it clocks faster than OTHER games with the same size

Here my machine specs for your reference:

512 RAM

64 MB Video

1.60 GHZ

Game Testing Team is already thoroughly playing it last since night, will do my share tonight. I’ll send updates through this blog.

Game Quality

9 04 2007

4:05 PM

Games coming out of the Level Up! Fun factory goes through a stringent test of quality assurance before it is made available to the public. The following is a broad illustration of these test components

Perfect World Test Modules

Having the elements of the game identified, these modules are tested against several permutations depending on the module requirements and on the phase of the testing. Games normally go through several levels of testing phases before it goes launch (alpha, internal beta, limited beta, open beta) and with this comes several combinations.
Focusing on the game play testing dyanmics for example, we test them against feature instances like the following:

  • Resources (levels, attacks, tacit features, abilities, skills, progressions, game world, etc.)
  • Goals (win-conditions, lose-conditions, quests, etc.)
  • Obstacles (oponnents, limits, time, terrain, rules, etc)
  • Rewards

With this macro perspective are several variations of the feature tested against/with the other features to ensure the following;

  • Playability
  • Enjoyability
  • Game Balance
  • Community Balance

With Perfect World, we have features that were given to us and information that we gathered on our own labors. Suffice to say we are confident with the infra and the system modules. Initial testing of the game play and content modules are extensively being tested right now prior to getting the English client. With game play tests we have Chinese listed features tested against a Chinese client. We measure expected output from the module permutation with the actual game feature. Once we get the English client, the same methodology shall be applied but with a more thorough process since conversations are now understood and barriers to communication eliminated.

Translation snags

9 04 2007

Game localization has always been a very challenging task for game publishers. With our experience from translating games from Korea, this batch of content from China is definitely the biggest challenge so far.

Our process of translating from one language to another actually runs on a tested and proven methodology from the past games. What hits us in pre-production is definitely the volume of content that needs to be localized.

When placed in an excel grid, the actual content is more than half a million lines of Chinese characters, and that only accounts for the quest script and proper nouns. Other items that were localized include buttons, game interface, maps, etc.

I’ll be posting interesting texts that we encountered during our phase of directly translating it from Chinese to simple English.