Buying Gold via Auction House

26 05 2007

by Horonaim

Step 0 : Go to any Auction House NPC in Archosaur City and choose the second option Ingot Trading.

Step 1 : Click the Account Money Deposit button. A pop-up window will appear named Account Deposit and Withdraw. Input the amount you want to deposit in the Deposit Money area and click OK.

NOTE : 1 Gold = 15,300 Yuan (15,000 for the gold + 300 tax)

Step 2 : Enter 15,000 in the Unit Price area and the quantity of Gold you want to buy in the Gold Ingots area. Your amount due will be shown in the Consume Money and Cost area. Click Begin to Entrust to begin the transaction.

Step 3 : Wait for a few seconds then hit the Refresh button. Your remaining money and your current gold amount should now be reflected. Click the Money Withdraw button to start withdrawing your gold and money.

The Gold is good while supplies last, but the GMs will be replenishing the stock every so often.




23 responses

26 05 2007

That’s great. How does gold work in PW? Is it like in RF which improves the economy or does it have a different use?

26 05 2007

uhm.. what are golds for?

26 05 2007

Gold and Silver (1 Gold = 1 Silver) is used to buy items in the Item Mall. So yes, this means the Item Mall is now available in CB.

Buying or selling gold in PW does not affect the economy.

26 05 2007

can gold/silver be traded to other players?

26 05 2007

san po ung archasaur city???

26 05 2007

@ Mappy

The only way to trade Gold and Silver to other players is through the Auction House.

@ Jokulhaups

27 05 2007

isa question malaki kc ung archau city san banda dun ung auction house

28 05 2007

@ Barbaroid

There is an Auction House NPC in the North, South, and West areas.

29 05 2007
Perfect World: Buying Gold in Auction House |

[…] check out the ACTUAL POST at Nocturnal Sun for the […]

30 05 2007

Is there any other way to buy items in item mall besides the auction house? like using level up cards?

31 05 2007

@ Flash

It’s Closed Beta. While LU! would like your business, charging money for Closed Beta is not really kosher.

9 06 2007

may bug yata yubng auction di ko makuha gold.. i followed the instruction naman

10 06 2007


i’m still playing on jap server, i’m lvl66 summoner
ur guide is very interresting, but u know if on the japan server it’s the same unit price for gold (15300) ?

and important question, what is the right tab where we can see on ur screen
500,000 sell
the other tab
10.000 purchasse

what theese tab means ?


11 06 2007

@ Lycan

The gold runs out depending on deman. You might have accessed during a time when there was no supply.

@ chey

Gold prices are set by the seller. In this case the GMs pegged it at 15,000 Yuan.

13 06 2007

GM paano po mka pasok sa larong ito?naka DL na po ako tapos di ako mga LOG IN sa MENU game?tulung namn dyan oh?cge nah?

13 06 2007

juzz e mail me nalang at my e-add ha??thankzz-ACHILLES_ZED@YAhOO.comthankzz tlga…

16 06 2007

do u have a patcher for the NPC so use english peaple can read them
we have patcher for the luncher and the Quest but not for the mubs and the NPC.. if u no of 1 let me no so we can buy!!

30 06 2007

They are still having closed beta for the English version but they are site that you can already buy cubicards for the english version. Look at this online store OffGamers selling perfect world cubicards. If someone tried buying, please reply back to this blog, I might want to buy from them.

16 07 2007

Lets get it on! im so exicted!

25 07 2007

paanu po ba ma palit gold to yuan??

26 07 2007

paano po ba palit gold to yuan sa npc??

13 08 2007

i tried using auction sa npc but am confuse….kakasli lng kc ngaung august..pero pede dn ba yuan or any items traded to convert into gold??/

16 09 2007

how do i exchange gold to yuan? please tell us how bcoz were already out of yuan in the game… send me an e-mail plesase.. lots of thanx….

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