Attention Closed Beta Testers

18 05 2007

The client is now ready for download. You can get the Perfect World installer by clicking on the following links:

Set 1/4 =

Set 2/4 =

Set 3/4 =

Set 4/4 =

Do note that the client is only for those with Closed Beta Accounts.

Furthermore, this will not be the same client for Open Beta.




23 responses

18 05 2007

Good evening sir NS,

i thought my long wait is over when close beta was opened knina. I won a cbt account from sir wauks blog but i havent received mine. ive waited until now hoping that i could play. ive emailed and called LU to ask for assistance pero wala pa rin malinaw na sagot. How come that Im one of the first winners ng Cbt account and i cannot play hanggang ngayon. Ive waited 5 months for this game played different versions of PW, dumaan ang ilang delayed CBT. naghintay ako pero until now di pa rin makalaro.

18 05 2007

Sir i still havent received my accnt sa email ko.. ill be done DL CB client early 2day.. 7th placer from ozine.. tnx ^_^v
(guy with glasses)

18 05 2007

Sir im almost done DL the client.. but i havent received my accnt thru my email.. please help.. tnx in advance.. ^_^v
(guy with glasses)

19 05 2007

GM, i can’t download those links. help me please

20 05 2007

what error are you getting?

20 05 2007

will confirm this. From what I know is that we gave the accounts for GM tristant and wauksters site. Will confirm if they have distributed this already. There are players who were able to receive their accounts already. Do check with Waukster if you are part of his list.

20 05 2007

mail me at if you stil haven’t received your account. Also include the mail you used in Ozine

20 05 2007

When will the open beta accounts start????? Because I don’t have a closed beta account.

20 05 2007

hmm ask ko lng kung online n ung server para sa closed n po ba close beta? and ung mga account ng close beta dba pwede makakuha nun sa specific cafes? ung mga cafe d2 saaming sa bicol na nakaindicate na mrn dpt pefect world . wala eh. ung iba d nga nila alam n dpt mrn cla perfect world >.

20 05 2007

Sir I sent an e-mail already last friday night about not receiving my CB account. I gave my name and the e-mail I used was the same one I gave during the Q&A party at freedom bar. I still haven’t received a reply yet nor an e-mail on the account. My bro and I also gave our info on GM T’s blog since we both attended that event.

20 05 2007

hi sir, wala po ba monster location para as madali ang mga quests?? hirap po maghanap ng monsters e… 😀

21 05 2007

sir nag send na po ako ng email sa

21 05 2007

I have file integrity mismatch error..T_T

22 05 2007

@GM: i dont get any errors. it just cant go downloading. download speed is 0kb/s. by the way, do you block ip from other countries, because i’m not living in Phillipine 🙂

22 05 2007

Any news on the CB accounts for those who attended Q&A sir? Still no final word?

23 05 2007

NocturnalSun, may update po ba sa mga Clan Winners?

Kailan po e-release ang lists?

Sana ma release agad. T.T

24 05 2007

How can I get an account to play? Thx

25 05 2007

sir, kelan ba open beta…dinownload namin ung closed beta…d namn poh namin malaro…tagal n nman hinihintay i2 eh…sana poh magkaroon n ng open beta…para cgrado n poh na makakalaro lahat…

28 05 2007

i’ll just wait for the Open Beta client.

2 06 2007

panu po ba magkaroon nang account nang perfect world.. tagal ko na na download kaso d namin malaro…

9 06 2007

how can i have a closed beta account? how can i download this game?

9 07 2007

Hmm i cant also downloading the files. Timeoverride from the server, thats the error.

I open a support ticket on lvlup support site, got answer, sorry no error found. hm strange.

5 08 2007

hi all
anyone can tell me when ppl from europe can play this game?
i have open beta client but can’t connect 😦
also i have created account by my level up

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