The fight against the Soulless begins!

11 05 2007

by Horonaim

Long ago Beastkind was enslaved Wingkind, but they rebelled and gained their freedom. A thousand years ago Humanity and Wingkind fought in a terrible war and the unity of the Beastkind was torn asunder as Beastkin chose sides or stayed neutral.

All of that is now forgotten.

The elders of all three races have gathered together and forged an alliance to fight the encroaching Soulless. There is more at stake now than petty rivalries. They fight for the survival of their Perfect World.

On May 18 the three races of Pangu join forces to face the Soulless in battle. Closed Beta of Perfect World – Philippines begins.




9 responses

11 05 2007

hmmm…but, i think the storyline is bad..kinda awkward…and so generic it cant stir up my imagination…just an opinion…peace…

12 05 2007

Is it a skill to fly? or we have to buy or rent a flying object or monster…

15 05 2007

All the races will have to undergo a quest when they are level 30. The Yulings and Yumangs also need to do the quest so that their flight abilities no longer consume MP. The Yaoshou, Yaojing, Wuxia, and Fashi need to undergo the quest so that they get their Holy Beast or flying sword.

The basic flying sword, holy beast, and improved wings come free upon completion of the quest, but any subsequent flying instrument will have to be bought.

15 05 2007

hmmm…but, i think the storyline is bad..kinda awkward…and so generic it cant stir up my imagination…just an opinion…peace…

A lot of people said the same thing about Korea-novellas and Chi-novellas on TV, but they became a hit. Just you wait. 😆

16 05 2007

No offense Ms. Horonaim, but is this the “official” storyline of the game?…

See…though the storyline is generic – endless battle between good and evil…choose your side kinda stuff…and alliances to fight against the soulless…the intro of the line is kinda confusing…

the first line goes like “Long ago…”….and then followed by “A thousand years ago…” The beastkind was enslaved by Wings…Beastkind must choose sides…
i mean, which came first, the enslavement or the war between humans & wings?…why do beastkins must choose alliances when they are in fact enslaved by wings?…and can they be neutral?

Well, i dont know about you but i dont usually watch telenovelas…no offense madam. , but i admit they are a hit in our country…Filipinos are just that nostalgic…and on the downside tsikadora…always wanna know what happens next…hehe…and besides, Chino/Korean novelas are way more entertaining that our local versions…

my point is…if LU/PW-Ph can change the storyline of the game more interesting, please, in the name of what’s good..please do it…and pardon me if i’m gonna mention a game which i think has a good storyline, its “9 Dragons”…yeah, the game is a grindfest, but the storyline is so interesting its like watching a telenovela…

if it’s goin to be a telenovela, make it a hit telenovela…interesting, lots of thrills, and best of all…its always shown PRIMETIME…

Always a pleasure to receive comments from you Madam Horonaim!!! Peace be with you!!!

17 05 2007

I understand your confusion. You have to play it to get the big picture, and I mean BIG. It reads like a Chinese epic novel you see. 😆

17 05 2007

If there’s so much fighting, how come it’s a perfect world? 0.o
Anyway, game looks great, if I get into closed beta, I’m making a dude that looks like sasuke. :3

18 05 2007

thanks for the response Maam Horonaim…short, but sweet… 🙂

23 05 2007

most probably there will be a big twist somewhere like some tv series do.

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