Know Your Enemies: A Monster Guide to PW

11 05 2007

by: Qaddisin

There are more than 1200 monsters in Perfect World, this includes where you can boost up your levels, and more than 1000 unique quests. There are interesting features in monsters too. Wandering around cities is not that frightening, for you can easily recognize the level difference in monsters by the colors in their names. There are 8 monster level color identification. These are:

  • Orange colored names signifies that they are Eight (8) levels above yours

  • Yellow 5-8 levels above yours

  • Beige: 2-5 levels above yours

  • White: 1-2 levels above or below yours

  • Aqua: 3-5 levels below yours

  • Pea Green: 5-8 levels below yours

  • Green: 8-11 levels below yours

  • Dark green: Over 11 levels below yours

Monsters in this world are not just melee fighters. Each has unique skills that they will really cause you grief. With the
Yao jing pets, they can use their skills for their master. But don’t be put off by their abilities for you can easily take a look at their weaknesses and make hunting easy. Their elemental attributes are naturally weak against an opposing element.

The following are the elemental chart:

  • Fire – Fire Resistant, Water Weakness

  • Metal – Metal Resistant, Fire Weakness

  • Wood – Wood Resistant, Earth Weakness

  • Earth – Earth Resistant, Wood Weakness

  • Water – Water Resistant, Metal Weakness

Monster's vulnerabilities

There are easy kill monsters. Some monsters have the attribute “none”, this means that this type of monsters are neutral. No strength and weaknesses (these are fairly straightforward to attack, but are not necessarily weak.) In order to do battle effectively, you should be aware of your state and as well as the monsters properties. Each monster has its own vulnerabilities but mind you, they are way too strong against their own elements. In addition, mob’s characteristics varies upon on their spawn, (these characteristics can also be seen on the monster’s information) The following are main attributes:

  • Magic defense

  • Magic Enhancement (ATK up)

  • Attack Enhancement

  • Defense

  • Weak (less HP)

  • Life Enhancement (More HP)

  • Attack Speed Up

Now nothing can keep you from exploring Perfect World. Knowledge really is power… No kidding! ^_~ Have fun!





11 responses

11 05 2007

Wood – Wood Resistant, Earth Weakness

Earth – Earth Resistant, Wood Weakness

theyre weak against each other? i think this is wrong.

12 05 2007

nicely discussed,. . hats down to u

14 05 2007

nice i hope it’s worth all the hype!!! heh

17 05 2007

sir ung cbt account po na pnromise nyo po ^_^ paalala lng po wag po sana makalimutan ^_^

17 05 2007

as long as you’re part of any of the promos, you’ll get an e=mail tomorrow (friday)

18 05 2007

Got a question here guys. What about those who attended the PW Q&A? Did any of you guys receive your CB accounts? I still haven’t mine, and my friend (who won in GM T’s contest) is constantly buzzing me in YM, teasing me that she’s installing PW already.

Is it just delayed or are we not getting one? Hehehe..

18 05 2007


All CBT accounts are being e-mailed right now
You should get yours by the end of the day at the most

19 05 2007

sir how can i get the PW CBT account?? i downloaded the client but i didn’t have an account so sad!!!!

19 05 2007

give me an account pls i hardly need that my hands are shaking very badly to play the PW!!!!!

7 06 2007

pano makakakuhan ng CB account??

7 06 2007

send me nmn ng CB account sa PW.. hirs my email

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