Perfect Pets for a Perfect World!

3 05 2007

by Qaddis

One of the interesting features of Perfect World is the Pet System. Here, pets are not just cute companions that helps with loot but. Perfect world pets can be trained to be stronger (They can level-up), directed to defend you, be your tanker, damage monsters and be even a means of transportation! Now that’s a perfect pet. Not just good to have around but dependable and useful too! Still it’s not that easy to have a useful companion. Taking care that your pet is content and thriving can be gold draining because of the cost of feeding it.

For a Yaojing having a pet is essential for them mostly when they are in combat mode. This Class can summon, tame, cure and resurrect their pets. Initially you can tame 2 pets at level 3, and in order for you to expand your “pet cage” you need to take quests that will add more slots for pets that you can summon. This class can have up to 10 active pets that can be summoned any time. Imagine that~ you can choose different pets to aide you using their different skills and attributes!




13 responses

3 05 2007

sir may we have a larger view of the windows? its too small to see kasi hehe thank you!

4 05 2007

Thanks for the images, can’t wait for the English version to launch in the U.S.

4 05 2007

“For a Yaojing and Yaoshou having a pet is essential for them mostly when they are in combat mode. ”

i thought only the Yaojing class can summon pets for battle? =)

4 05 2007

I understand YaoJings are summoners, but how do YaoShous make use of their pets?

4 05 2007

thx for the info Sir Noctural Sun
Sir may ask lng poh ako yung mga moutable pets ba pwd rin umatak?

4 05 2007

hi! yes only Yaojing can summon pets~ it is one of their remarkable skills.
Sorry my bad~ i didnt reread it and was too late to edit it Y_Y

7 05 2007

what is that ???

12 05 2007

cool!! whats the level limit of pets??

5 06 2007

As far as I know, pet levels depend heavily on the level of your character. So if your character is level 30, your pet cannot level up beyond that. 🙂

2 08 2007

sir…where can i find plum blossom cat?

8 08 2007

wer did u get the plum blossom cat I rily love it 🙂

15 08 2007

Where can i see bobcat pet i really like it

16 08 2007

sir.. can a yu mang or yu ling may have a pet? how…

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