The MOD Plays! #2: Equipment and Builds

30 04 2007

by Horonaim

One of the first questions that new players ask begins with “What build.” I will be speaking from the perspective of a magic-wielding character; i.e. a Yaojing.

There are three (3) types of armor in the game; Heavy, Light, Magic (terms may vary in official release). The Heavy armors have high defense and little of anything else, the requirements to wear them are high Strength and some Dexterity. Light armors have middling defense and high elemental defense, the requirements to wear them are middling Strength and Dexterity. Magic armors have a bonus to the magical attacks and very low defense values, the requirements to wear them are low Strength and middling Intelligence.

Now, as a Yaojing I have a choice of casting spells or transforming into fox form and using melee attacks. Then there’s my pet, currently a Plum Blossom Cat (I will post screenshots of my cute little pet later), who will most probably be attacking with me.

A full Strength, middling Dexterity, and low Intelligence build is possible, but then again most of the Yaojing skills require “wands” (in quotes because some wands are actually swords or martial arts weapons) or unarmed. Wands have a small Strength requirement and a high Intelligence requirement. Bearing that in mind, if I go for the heavy armors I will not be able to use my skills to its fullest. I will be stuck with little to no Intelligence so I will not be able to wield any high-level wands. I personally do not like this build.

Now, I can aim to wear the Light armors. With this build I can actually wear Light armors and wield the most powerful Wands available for my level. The drawback is that I will not have any Constitution at all. I will be stuck with Constitution 5 way beyond level 70. While this is a viable enough build I do not particularly like being stuck with no Constitution in a PK-enabled game not to mention the battering I get when I try to tame a new pet. The good news is that I have decent physical defense and high magic defense. This is something to think about.

The third option is to aim for Magic armors. With this build I can wear the magic armors appropriate for my level and use the most powerful wands available for my level. I have enough stat points left over to put into either Dexterity or Constitution. The weakness of this option is that I have very little in the way of defense. I may have a respectable amount of Hit Points, but I have paper-thin armor. The flip-side is that my magical attacks are incredibly strong. This is the route I took with my current Yaojing. I rely on my pet to keep monsters from attacking me physically, but note that players will probably ignore the pet and go straight to me.

Mind you, this is because I am playing a Yaojing. If I were playing a Yaoshou, which I have at level 3 at the moment, I would be looking at how much to put into my Constitution since I will be aiming for high strength (for the armors) and middling Dexterity (for the axe and hammer weapons).

So this is my suggestion to you dear reader:
When you enter the world at 1st level and level up, do not add to your stats immediately. Wait until you are in your race’s main city, go look for the Tailor and Ironsmith, and take a survey of what stats you will need for later in the game. Figure out what you want to be able to do and pattern your stat builds around that.




24 responses

30 04 2007

Ang hirap pala mag isip ng build sa PW.

30 04 2007

Let’s just say that the path of the hybrid is not an easy road to take. You will have to specialize.

Choose your weapons, then based on that choose your armor. Once you’ve decided those then your stat build becomes crystal clear.

I had to use a spreadsheet program to compute how many points I have left over to spend on Constitution if I aimed for light armors. The answer was 1 point and that was only computing for level 70. There are 35 more levels after that.

30 04 2007

sa PW gagamitin ko ay isang Yu Mang pero ano ngpapalakas sa attacks ng bow dexterity o strength?? dexterity ba katulad sa ragnarok online?? and ano ba ung constitution?? help mee please??

30 04 2007

Harvey, there is a thread on the boards that answers the question on stats.

I did not say anything about “nagpapalakas ng attacks.” I was talking about stat prerequisites to be able to use the weapon. If you don’t meet the stats, you cannot use the weapon or the armor. Gets?

You might also want to take a look at this post.

30 04 2007

thx. ^^

30 04 2007

salamat poh sa info
dahil alam ko n kung anu gagawin kung build ng wuxia ko

30 04 2007

I see…each build has its pros and cons…now i understand why they say this game is balanced ^_^ … thnx for the info mam

30 04 2007

In this game, nobody can be the master of everything. So yes, quite balanced.

In the case of high Strength characters, chances are they are weak against magic. In the case of high Intelligence characters, chances are they are weak against physical damage. For hybrids they usually don’t have much in the way of hit points.

30 04 2007

plsss explain to us the 5 attributes and its uses to helkp us easier to make our own build

30 04 2007

@ soulslayer

There are 4, not 5. Go to the following thread to find out what they are.

30 04 2007


I have posted screenshots on my blog:

30 04 2007

there r only 4 stats to distribute per lvl???
aw ibig sabhin iba tau sa pw=jpatpw-china
na 5 stats per lvl ma destribute mo T_T
nagawa ko na final build atbinase ko sa 5stats per lvl T_T
oh man i think ill redo my build :p
thx miss horo for the info ^_^

30 04 2007

attributes pala kala ko 4stats per lvl n lng
sorry i misunderstand :p

2 05 2007

Seems to me that PW’s mages are an “all or nothing” type caster. In many other mmo’s I have played when playing a hybrid, it is a very difficult road until end game. That’s when a hybrid build shines. Obviously i’m not sure but from comments made by you and what I have been able to translate from other sites it seems that a pure INT nuker + equip minimum STR is the way to fly. Once the game starts it will be intresting to see if the left over stats are better placed into CON for a few extra HP or INT for that added damage.

2 05 2007

@ xentyx

That is precisely the thought on my mind. Where would the extra points not allocated to INT and STR go? Shall I put it into CON for more hit points? Do I put it into INT so I do more damage with my spells? Do I put it into DEX so I get more dodge and have better accuracy when in fox form? Those are the questions answerable only by playing the game as opposed to testing.

4 05 2007

oi ppw team i have read a post,totoo po ba na ang may mga CBT account lng po ang mamaring maka laro ng CBT NA IPAPALABAS THIS MAY? paano po ung walang CBT account gaya ko??? e matagal pa ang OBT ehh i cant w8 that long to play this game!!!!!!!!!!!! help po! sana hindi totoo para maka laru din ako sa CBT this MAY!!!! TY PO !

4 05 2007
GM Tristan

check out my PW hands on beta experience here



7 05 2007

@ jun_labs

Only those with CBT accounts can play, however a lot of cafes will be given CBT accounts also. Wait for the announcements of which cafes will have them.

12 05 2007

CBT account… where can I get one?? pls reply…

5 06 2007

hey thanks for the info one question though, are twin swords look the same as normal swords or are swords pretty much broad swords??

lol i wanna know cause i want to have a huge sword but if its just a normal sword then it might not be worth it.

15 07 2007

Ei guys… i need help on my build… hmm actually i like physical type characters… the one that uses swords, hammers and other stuffs… what stat should i raise? Need help… \m/(^_~) \m/

16 09 2007

anu po bang magandang build para sa yu mang?? tnx poh!

24 02 2008

advise naman po kung paano papalakasin ang yao jing ko. 23 pa lang naman siya eh

8 03 2008
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