The MOD plays! #1: Installation, display settings, and dial-up

25 04 2007

by Horonaim

When installing the game you will be asked twice whether you want to verify the files. The first time is when you are about to install; the installer will prompt you if you want to verify the integrity of the installation files. The second time is after the installation is done, when the installer prompts you if you want to verify the installed files. If you, like me, prefer to verify file integrity then the only drawback is that installation can take around 45 minutes on a Pentium 4 2.4 GHz, 512 Mb RAM computer. If you’re ok just going ahead and installing without verification, it will take about 15 minutes tops.

After several days of waiting to be allowed external access to the internal test server I finally got to log in. My video card is a NVIDIA GeForce 6600 (256 Mb) and I set the display settings as follows:

For the inquiring minds out there, this level of detail already exceeds that of what I get when I log into RF Online.

Just like GM NocturnalSun has posted, the game works fine on dial-up. I am testing this with a Bl@st card and a Bayan-Tel line. I will be able to tell you more about performance once I encounter a denser population in-game. So far the performance is comparable to when I log into the RFO-Ph Omicron server even at peak times.




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26 04 2007

sorry if this would be a comparison, but will the loading in/out of the game be longer/shorter than Flyff? I’ve had my experiences with Flyff, and i kinda hate the loading.

26 04 2007

Easily answered; loading is much shorter in comparison.

Logging out sometimes causes a long delay though, but it’s not a common occurence.

26 04 2007

Hay salamat napanatag na loob ko may sneak peak after 2 days. Thanks po.

26 04 2007

can i request a screenie of the UI ingame? display options, chat options, etc.

26 04 2007
Paul Renzo

Now I’m starting to consider finding a 6600 AGP card. Sayang, kung naka FRAPS lang po kayo sana I would have asked about the framerate under those settings.

26 04 2007

Will foreign IPs be blocked? I really need to know about that… I’m from brazil and i need to know that…

And to those who are scaried about the game performance, the game runs really smoothly on my computer, with highest graphics configuration (all maxed, and screen resolution at 1280x800x32) on malaysian server, even inside cities where there are lots of people…. My computer specs is the following:

AMD Semprom 2800+ 1.6ghz
512mb RAM
ASUS 256MB chipset Geforce 7600GS

I guess that’s all… i’m waiting for an answer…

27 04 2007

Pano po un mukhang mabagal sakin yan ah geforce Fx 5500 lang gamit ko
I see that using a 6600 mid settings could be good
But using a lower end card such as mind mukhang kahit low settings lag or choppy ingame?

27 04 2007

Yung nasa screenshot po ba hanggang diyan lang makakaya ng system niyo? Pede pa ba yan isagad ng di pababagalin yung frame rate ng laro?

28 04 2007

san po ako makakadownload nitong game??

28 04 2007

thx 4 the info
may tanong lng poh ako ilan bang chracter pwede malagay sa isang account?

29 04 2007

i’m using fx5500 256MB you can play in highest resolution and texture quality with some effects turned on, without sacrificing performance. the only major problem i’m having is with the terrain detail.

30 04 2007

@ levin3d

I will see if I can get permission to post those screenshots, but currently the UI is kinda cramped from the English translation from the original Chinese.

@ Paul Renzo

I can run FRAPS on my machine fine. I was an RFO-Ph Vanguard, remember?

@ HectorL

Closed Beta is for the Philippines only. No official word as to whether it will be opened to foreign IPs in the future.

@ Gabs

You might have to set your graphics to low to avoid graphics lag.

30 04 2007

this game have ahhhh load like ragnarok online

30 04 2007

and what date it will be open beta??

30 04 2007
6 05 2007

where can i download perfect world? can u please post a download link or just tell me what site it is? thanks

6 05 2007

can u please tell me what site i can download the english version or post a download link, that is if the english version is published yet, if not can u please tell me when i am able to play it and what site i can download it from thanks.

7 05 2007

@ jacksback34

The client is not available for download yet. It will be made available during the Open Beta phase.

27 06 2007

hi meron po ako natanggap na closed beta keys from gm tristan . paano po ba eh activate yung closed beta keys ? kasi sa ngayon im downloading na file

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