Perfect World English login screens

13 04 2007

Here’s an initial look at the Perfect World screens. This is literally the first few steps you would take before going into the game.


This is the First English loading screen. The white box is for news and updates.

From this screen I clicked on display

Perfect World Settings Screen

Notice how the top area of the box shows the current settings for your machine.

Perfect World Setting adjustment screen

Clicking on the recommended button shall give an assessment on what tweaks would be appropriate for your machine to run the game.

I was running YM, iTunes, Outlook, Opera, Mozilla, Photoshop while switching between the game and my applications. No problem encountered in terms of loading and speed.

Will give more screen shots and practical test results later

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53 responses

13 04 2007

Nice sir, max settings @ 1440×900 FTW!

13 04 2007

Will see later during the test if my vid card can take it. lol
and i might try this in dial up

13 04 2007

Nice ^^..

Those requirements are the minimum right?

or the enjoyable one?

13 04 2007

Minimum on the graphics card. So far it’s running smoothly
I’ll post screen shots

13 04 2007

waw 😀

13 04 2007

sir, ready na ba yung mga cds for CBT? XD

13 04 2007

nope, as you can see we are still testing
CD’s will only be available once testing is done and game deemed playable

13 04 2007

the log in screen looks good though some text don’t fit which is to be expected in the first english version. i hope that everything goes according to schedule. best of luck and god speed!

13 04 2007

sir nocturnalsun u mention us about testing the game last night how was it?medyo nag lag2 po ba?so far ayus po yung progress?how was it? hehe peace out

13 04 2007

I guess I need to upgrade my RAM cause I only have 256MB RAM.

Sir pwede na po ba tong sa PC ko?

Pentium(R) 4 CPU 1.80GHz
1.80GHz, 256 MB of RAM

At tsaka po san pong setup ng PC makikita kung anong video card nakalagay sa PC ko. Hanap ko ung box ng video card ko pero di ko makita eh. Thx po in Advance :Þ

13 04 2007

At tsaka po pala ask ko lang po kung magkano ung min price ng 512 MB RAM para maging 768 RAM po ung saken. Sry po sa double post

13 04 2007

No lag so far. Again these are just my personal tests. I’m waiting for the results from the testing team. I trust their judgment on the details of the game.

13 04 2007


Quick browse in Villman got me 1.6k DDR2 SDRAM. Depends on the machine. For me, you’re good with a 512 for Perfect World. In fact 128MB RAM is sufficient for Perfect World.

13 04 2007

Salamat po sa advice and info sir nocturnal. Good luck po sa lahat ng bumubuo at tumatapos ng PW para sa CBT at OB.

13 04 2007


your welcome

13 04 2007

woohohoho nic job PW team.. *4 Thumbs Up!!* ^____^

13 04 2007

weeeh nice job PW team.. *4 Thumbs Up!!* ^____^

13 04 2007

bigger tasks are ahead though for testing.
but any appreciation is always welcome


13 04 2007

Nice! Well done PW team!
@Sir NocturnalSun
I wonder if there is any Windows Mode in the settings? I can’t see any. T_T
How many hands do you have? xD

13 04 2007

wooo… nice… ^^

\m/ (///+,) \m/

cguro cool 16:9 widescreen… hehe..

nakaka excite to mga tol.. hehehe!!

13 04 2007

actually, there is. See the first option labeled “window Setti”
Window Setti and Creen Resolution are two different columns.
Something that’s part of the fix list

13 04 2007

Thank you, sir Nocturnal.
To LU!, Keep up the good work! ^_^

13 04 2007

you’re probably thought of word fixes already. but may I suggest words for the video settings. like change window setting to window mode, screen resolution to display, sun/moon to day/night, image sharp to just sharpness, dialogue volume to voice volume. i hope this helps. ^_^

13 04 2007

sir nocturnalsun, just wanna know kung available din po ba i download ung pw s website?

international game po b yan o local? (mas ok kc kung local lng!)

13 04 2007

thanks for the suggestions

13 04 2007

ilang days ba magtatagal ung CBT?

13 04 2007

Yes, mas ok kung local para walang sawsaw.

13 04 2007

do wait for announcements

13 04 2007
Paul Renzo

The game can run well at 1280×800 and those settings with your current specs? What is the lowest resolution, the now standard 800×600?

14 04 2007

sakin ung recommended setting ung mid.. XD

14 04 2007

Hi sir Great job po I must say
I really hope this runs on my machine though
I have P4 1.7 Ghz, Geforce 5500 FX, 768 MB DDR Ram
Sir, baka po pag Guild vs Guild super lag di po kaya?
Sana po ma try niyo din kung kaya sa minimum settings pag madaming players on screen

And sana po mag ka run ng torrent download pag meron na client available
Thanks po! Astig ng loading screen!

14 04 2007
Alejandro Alvarez

Excellent!! I was thinking that the minimal requirements be more higher.

Question: Your video card is onboard right?
I say that cose the memoria was 54mb

I can’t wait to try this game for my self.

great work!!!!


14 04 2007

1280×800 it is.
it can emulate the 16:9 dimension using different resolutions though

14 04 2007


14 04 2007

my pc is 1 g.hz geforce 4 mx440 probably 😛 64 memory and 554 ddr ram probably 😀 what do you think it can still run on this ? ( I’m played the Malaysian version it was ok on there )

14 04 2007

Sir, How about OS. Have you tried running it on Windows Vista?

14 04 2007

W0w galing talga niyo
Congratz poh sa inyo

14 04 2007

wow im so happy to see an english client ^_^ huhuhuhu *cry of joy*

So tentative date sir NS? this monday ba? ^_^

17 04 2007

ayosssss!!!! cool… hehe.. mas mganda tu kasi may recommendation settings..
mas maganda pag recommendation, para mas fast ang takbo ng gaming.. ayos to a…

thx po sir sa updates!

20 04 2007

OMG! This severely looks so regal! I cannot wait to use it!

21 04 2007

will it work on windows vista?

22 04 2007


29 04 2007

When exactly will the English version be ready???

30 04 2007

may i ask 1 stupid question…

is this game client are available to download from the website? or I must buy the CD? is it p2p or f2p? actually, im in malaysia.

my pc spec,
pentium D 3.4ghz
ram 2gb
Colorful GeForce 7600 GT

i hope this game will running smooth with my spec.

1 05 2007

sana gawan nyo ng torrent file ang PW sa download section pra d mhirap hanapin at para d sayang download pg nag blackout or DC.tnx cant w8 to play PW! =^_^=

5 05 2007

10 for all. Cant wait to play. ^^

7 05 2007

is cbt available in bicol? i want to play this game but i didn’t join any of the cbt contests…is there possibility that the netopia here will have PW? hehe thx kkaexcite kc pw

13 06 2007

where can i DL the patch server?anyone?GM Tristan, can you help me??plzzz…

26 07 2007

once the full game is reliesed will it be F2P and if so do we have to buy the disc or can we d/l it?

30 11 2007

hey i need some help please. i can login and get in ok but everything is very grainy and unreadable. the game told me that i installed succesfully and i have 2.2 ghz, 512 mg of ram so this is sufficient. but i just cant read a god dam thing cause its soooo grainy. please help me, i want to play this freakin game. thanks

6 12 2007

what is the minimum requirement of ram needed?

16 04 2008

What i must to put to log in, i put my username and password, but it won`t to work, plz help..

31 01 2009

I guess I need to upgrade my RAM because I only have 256MB RAM.

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