PW and Linux

12 04 2007


We’ve featured several compelling features of Perfect World as compared to other games focusing on game play and game interface published in several mediums like the boards, sites, articles and podcasts. Another featured difference, that is not as evident at first glance, is how PW is structured in the back end.

Perfect World is built to run server side processes using Linux. Having Fedora as its base Flavor, the Perfect World team customized majority of the modules to be specific for gaming. It’s as close to saying that they created their own OS to run the game that they also developed.

This does not mean that the game will only run in Linux. In fact we haven’t tested the client in Linux or any Wine Emulator. What it means is that processing of requests from Window OS PC or Internet Shop will be faster since the data packets are smaller, faster and communications are streamlined.

With this much graphics in the game and a lot of processes being handled by the server, this could be a big tell on the advantage Perfect World will have over the other games.




One response

22 11 2008

How about making a linux version , in the least prepackaged with wine much like google does with piccaso , static libraries tied into a built in wine windows lib….anyway you get the ideal
hoping to be able to use PW in linux flawlessly soon

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